Wild Cozy Truth

Did I ever tell you all how much I dislike the sound of my voice when recorded? No? Well, I do. A LOT.  I remember as a child I always avoided family videos for that purpose. Now as an adult, I always cringe when I have to submit a video for an audition. I re-record 10 times at least. The reason I even mention this is because last month I was a guest on a podcast channel. It was the most exciting, and equally nerve wrecking thing I did in a while. I really have no problem expressing my emotions or sharing my story on paper, but this was different. I realized I couldn't backspace and delete my thoughts as I do when I write them. I was obsessing over what if I say a "bad word"? I mean, mildly profane words do come to me naturally, often and in large quantities by the way.  Am I going to have anything interesting to talk about? Well, I feel like my book of life is nothing but interesting, but does anyone even care to hear it really. If all else failed I was going to share a story about how I was slapped by a monkey as a child. That story always lightens the mood, instant icebreaker. Now, why was I even a guest on a podcast episode you might ask? Let's find out shall we.

First, let me introduce you to a beautiful and lovely Renee M. Powers, a feminist life coach and podcaster here in Twin Cities. She is the voice, the writer, the interviewer and the brain behind Wild Cozy Truth.  It is a podcast show, as well as collection of essays and interviews with women of all walks of life sharing some of their most vulnerable stories.  Renee's goal is for these women to have a safe and comfortable space dedicated to helping them share their life tales, and reveal their own wild cozy truths. Each powerful essay can be read on Wild Cozy Truth's website , or you can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or your podcast app of choice.

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This is where I come in. Renee and I met couple of months ago, and thru sheer luck connected and found that we have a lot in common. She was a great listener, I was a great talker. Just kidding! (only a part about me being a great talker though) Renee is indeed a great listener, genuine and compassionate. In all seriousness, I was greatly inspired by the stories she shared and her contribution to the community, especially to community of women. She was so easy to converse with, and I felt comfortable sharing some of my most private life's moments with her. Renee, on other hand, found stories of my upbringing in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina, and my new found modeling passion quite interesting. So interesting that that she offered to do a podcast interview with me. Even though I was totally scared out of my mind, I accepted. 


Below is a Youtube video of the podcast. For those of you who know me well, you might get a kick out of hearing something new about me you didn't know before. For those of you who only know me thru social media, I hope after listening you might get a better idea of who I am. I hope you enjoy my Wild Cozy Truth and if you or someone you know would like to share their own story, please do not hesitate to reach out to Renee. Thank you for stopping by and with above mentioned in mind...

"Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others" -Unknown

Episode 38: From Bosnian War Refugee to Minnesotan Model with Minja Musich

"In today's interview, I sit down with local lady Minja Musich. It was the best way to spend a Sunday morning. I would happily chat with Minja for hours, but today we're discussing her experience with the war in her home country Bosnia and moving to Minnesota as a teenager. She speaks so powerfully about her experience as an immigrant and all of the obstacles she overcame to settle her into her new life. We talk about language, coexisting with others, her love of performance, and how she came to modeling after the death of her father"