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 Women's Day Giveaway

Women's Day Giveaway

Women... a force to be reckoned with. Together we are stronger, more resilient and more successful. We have climbed mountains and sailed stormy seas to get where we are today, but the road to an even better tomorrow doesn't stop here. We have many challenges ahead of us, as this society we live in can be very unforgiving. BUT! We are up for the challenge, because together we kick butt and when we stand united we stand fierce, indivisible and indestructible. 

As March 8th approaches, and world celebrates International Women's Day, let us not forget those brave and determined women who came before us. The ones who fought for women's rights and equality. Now, more than ever, we need to continue the efforts to push forward gender parity. We need to unite as women, friends and as members of community and press forward gender inclusiveness. 


In honor of Women's Day, and because it gives me great pleasure, I have gathered around me women of might, women of poise and women determined to prove they have what it takes. These women, each driven by their own passion, have managed to balance life, family, work and still find time to help other women push forward to success. When I asked them to step forward and do a fun women-for-women giveway, they all came forward with an absolute YES! sign me up attitude.

So here they are, in no particular order but all equally magnificent:


Meet ERICA HOESE, a mother of 3, wife and an amazing fitness coach. Her passion is teaching moms, especially moms with small children to make time for themselves and become strong inside and out. She does this by coaching them on how to eat healthy and changing how they feel about themselves. The ultimate goal is that they feel happier, healthier and in turn do better for themselves and their family. Erica is genuine, kind and an ideal person to help guide you thru your future fitness needs, even with the busiest of schedules. 


As a part of the giveaway Erica is graciously offering a FREE 30 minute training and $50 off her coaching package.  So, if you feel that your body and mind needs some TLC, head over to Erica's Instagram page and give her a follow. Once there, don't forget to comment on the image below and tell her why you think you might need this prize. She will be happy to give your more details and offer some honest advice.

      Follow Erica Hoese on Instagram

      Comment on the picture below once on her Instagram page 

In the meantime, you can also get a FREE guide on how to create your own morning routine by clicking on the link right here.



Let's meet JELENA MODEC, mother of 2, elementary school teacher, artist, friend and a creative mind behind WIRED SOL JEWELRY . She is quite a JetSetter and is often artistically inspired by the fascinating places to which she travels. She creates beautiful pieces with earthy tones and simple lines suitable for any occasion. Each piece is unique, handmade and perfect to add to your collection. She also makes custom jewelry that can be given as bridal and shower gifts, as well as for proms and special occasions. Send her a private message for pricing and shipping costs.


Jelena is giving away two (2) AMAZING prizes, a FREE pair of earrings and a FREE watercolor painting. So head over to her Instagram page and follow these guideline to be entered:

     FREE pair of earrings: Follow  Wired Sol Jewelry on Instagram

     Comment on the picture of the earrings while there

     FREE watercolor painting:

     Follow Wired Sol Jewelry on Instagram 

     Comment on the picture of the painting while there



Let's give a warm welcome to ANGELA MANNELLA an owner and a creative director behind dance studio Moore Than Dance. She has been teaching my older daughter Ela for almost 5 years now, and we call her studio a second home. Angela is a true sweetheart and a remarkable woman. She is an active and giving member of her community and prides herself in running a wholesome, family oriented studio.  Moore than Dance offers dance, singing and acting classes, and an amazing Special Stars program catered to children with special needs.


Angela is giving away a FREE week of classes. Head over to her Instagram page, give her a follow and engage with a photo below. If Instagram is not your thing, that's okay. You can contact the studio directly and mention my name (Minja). Current adult classes are Tap & Jazz, Irish Dance and Kettlebell Training. If you are more interested in children's classes, that's okay as well. 

     Follow Moore than Dance on Instagram

     Engage with a picture below once there



Next, let me introduce you to JESSICA SKILAR. She is an owner, stylist and a fierce woman behind beauty salon MN NAF! This is a local Minneapolis, small business, woman owned salon that offers variety of hair services, makeup services, skin care and aromatherapy. Jessica and her team use hair healthy and body healthy products by Intelligent Nutrients. They also promote love of the environment and recycle almost everything, including the hair that they compost. Energy of the salon is great and the team of stylists is even better. I have had my hair colored, cut and styled by Jessica, and each experience exceeded my expectations.


Jessica will be giving away $50 off any service and a FREE turquoise aromatherapy Mala bracelet and Destress Express Soap. AMAZING!!! Head over to her Instagram page and follow the guidelines below.

     $50 OFF any hair service and a FREE goodies:

     Follow MN NAF! Instagram account

     Engage with the photo below on the Instagram page



Next lovely lady is the youngest one in the group, but her age is just a number compared to her tremendous talent. Her name is CLAIRE LANCASTER, she is 17 and a creator of 212 WEST custom jewelry. She embarked on her creative journey at age 13. And THAT is just impressive. With the help of her family she has managed to launch a small business that sells interchangeable word pendants that can be customized into a bracelet or a necklace. Each piece of jewelry can be customized with words of your choice. With so many beautiful options, it's such a fun and unique way to own something special for yourself or gift it to others. I have to say I am proud owner of a bracelet myself and I get compliments on it all the time.


Claire will be giving away one FREE one word pendant necklace to a lucky winner. So, head over to her Instagram page and engage by following the instructions below. By the way, isn't Claire just so beautiful?

      Follow 212 WEST on Instagram

      Engage with the picture below while on Instagram



Next lady in line is the one that captures the beauty around her with her camera lense. She is a talented photographer, makeup artist and an awesomely kind and beautiful JANCYN BINDMAN. She is an owner and a creative mind behind Blanc Sketch Artistry. I have had a pleasure to work with Jancyn when she took photos of me and my little ones in a mommy-daughter photo shoot. Girls had so much fun, and so did I. Jancyn was patient, soft spoken and full of creative ideas on how to make our shoot even better. Her photography talent is amazing, so is her makeup artistry. 

blanc sketch artistry _ magazine _ jancyn bindman-about jpg.jpg

Her giveaway is $120 gift voucher to spend on photographs with her. Jancyn isn't just a photographer and a makeup artist, she is there to make sure that on the day of your photo session you feel the most beautiful, inside and out. It isn't just a photoshoot , it is cherished experience, confidence boost and way to empower your beautiful self. To win her prize giveaway, please do the following:

     Follow Blanc Sketch Artistry on Instagram

     Comment on the picture below while on her Instagram account

Blanc Sketch Artistry _ Gift Voucher _ 120.jpg



Next one in line is lovely NINA GRANIC. She is an amazing mom, wife and a friend. She volunteers, she donates and inspires us all with her charitable work. She is amazingly creative and whether it's knitting, crafting or elaborate cake making, she seems to do it all.  Nina is also an independent consultant for Norwex. If you are not familiar with Norwex, it is a company that sells wide variety of products that help you clean and maintain your home without harmful chemicals. Norwex is faster, easier, smarter and safer way of cleaning.


I have been using Norwex products for over 2 years now, and I couldn't be happier. Both of my daughters had skin sensitivities and I needed a healthier, safer and overall better option when it came to our hygiene and overall cleanliness of my home. You can always reach out to Nina for more information on the products, how to become a sales consultant, or if you wish to host a Norwex party yourself. Nina will be giving away one FREE makeup remover cloth  set (3 count) and one FREE optic scarf, 2 prizes in total.

     Follow Nina at My_Green_Clean on Instagram

     Engage with below pictures on her Instagram account and tell her which one of the two you would like to have. Two winners will be selected for one item each.


My name is MINJA MUSIC, I am a full time mom, part time blogger, part time model, part time co-owner  of a small family business. I love my state of Minnesota, and I love all the amazing people that live here. I like to write, but I mostly like to write about my community, creative people and small businesses I support. I also love to talk about companies that do good, and I always encourage others to do better for themselves and for others. I just recently faced my fears and entered a contest to be on a cover of JETSET magazine. Super insanely awesome! If you wish to cast a vote and help me win this thing, here is the link. It's free to vote. Votes can also be bought (this is optional) and proceeds from the sale go to families dealing with childhood cancer. Great cause I might add.


About my giveaway.... Well, I cannot give out vouchers for modeling. I don't draw, paint, knit, photograph, color hair. Okaay, I kind of don't feel so enthusiastic about my 'can't do list'. Here is what I can do. I can eat chocolate and drink coffee like nobody else. Just ask my friends if you don't believe me. So, I decided to giveaway a $10 GIFT CARD  to Glam Doll Donuts and a $10 GIFT CARD to my fave local coffee shop BRU HOUSE. YUMMO!

Bru House is located in New Brighton, it is family owned and offers the best coffee creations. In case you are hungry, you can also grab amazing breakfast and lunch. It's a great space for family and business gathering. Bright and airy space, local art displayed on the walls and free WIFI, makes Bru House a great place to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and a place to unwind. To win, please do the following:

     Follow Minja Musich on Instagram

     Comment on a below giveaway photo once on my Instagram account and tell me if it's coffee or sweets you like. I will pick two winners, one gift card each.

Good luck to all the entrants, I hope you get selected to win great prizes. Thank you to all of my ladies participating and for their generous giveaways. Please do not hesitate to send me a private message with any questions. You can also comment right underneath.  

Until next time my friends. Be happy and smile often.





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