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Beauty By Design

Beauty By Design

Ever since I moved to Twin Cities twenty years ago I fell in love with the area right away. Well... minus the blistering cold of course. I arrived in the month of December and as the plane landed, and I exited the airport, I wondered if anyone was even alive under that much snow. I grew up in a Mediterranean climate with all fours seasons clearly defined, so this type of weather was quite a shock for me. What Minnesota lacked in seasons and warmth, it definitely made up in kindness and charm of its people. I am very proud to be a Minnesota girl and I know that this state, this home of mine, has so much to offer.  In the last 10 years Minneapolis has been ranking as one of the top cities to live in. We offer museums, sport teams and great places to work. Whether is its cleanliness, fresh air,  bike trails or a place to raise a family, we have been reaching top of the list; all while maintaining approachability and that over all Minnesota nice.

Here in Minnesota we are also blessed with an amazing and blossoming fashion industry. In the last two years I have done multiple runway shows, and had a chance to meet some extremely talented people. Designers, stylists, creatives, photographers, models and retailers alike charm Minneapolis and this state with so much beauty, making Twin Cities one of the hippest style scenes. 

I recently had a chance to meet one such person, a lovely and talented designer Deborah Block.  She is an owner, founder and a creative mind behind Beauty By Design. We had time to chat about life, goals and aspirations. She told me about her schooling in LA, and her passion for fashion ever since a young age. While chatting, she shared that she has made all her prom dresses and has always dreamed of creating stylish pieces that will hit the Red Carpet one day. I don't doubt for one second that she will indeed succeed, and I believe she is already on the road there. Since she was old enough to create with her own hands she has, and she knew right away that this is what she is meant to do in life. To make beautiful and unique clothing, ethically and responsibly , with client satisfaction in mind is her passion and goal.


Beauty By Design showroom is located in a beautiful wearhouse in NE Minneapolis. Showroom is large, welcoming and beautifully styled. With exposed brick, natural lighting seeping in and an elegant decor, I couldn't help but feel pampered and relaxed. Deborah showed me around the space and I just thought what an amazing place to take professional and styled photos. She has informed me that she actually rents her showroom space for such situations. Whether it's a shoot, big event, hosting a shower or just need somewhere to get ready before night out on the town, her beautifly large space can accommodate all that.

Showroom currently offers Bridal and Formal wear. Beauty By Design carries dresses by CELIA GRACE, KMK DESIGNS, DEBORAH LINDQUIST, PURE MAGNOLIA and CICADA BRIDAL. Their in-house collection is extensive and always being updated with new stylish pieces.


Along with beautiful wedding dresses, showroom offers amazing formal wear pieces all designed and made by Deborah herself. I was fortunate enough to wear and twirl in one such amazing piece. In the months to come, Deborah hopes to move more towards making custom wedding dresses and her bridal line. If you are not in need of a new dress, space for rental and such, Deborah also does alterations and customization for other clothing.


As always, I encourage you to support your local businesses, artists and creatives. It is imperative to do so because we help build strong communities and better overall relationships. For more information on Beauty By Design, click on the links above. If you have any questions or wish to collaborate, please feel free to contact me. 

Please remember that beauty is everywhere, especially within you.



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