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Be Bold

Be Bold

  What does it even mean when we say "be bold"? Reputable dictionaries define this expression as "go for it", "be courageous", "take a risk" or "be daring". But what if circumstances of life are stacked up against you, and you feel like you would rather be in a shadow, than shine through? What if the unchangeable facets of you; such as the color of your skin, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnic background are the ones that restrict you? Our society can be very unforgiving, closed minded and confining. What helps? Let's talk about it! Let's share our stories, let's share our struggles, and let's strive to bring these issues to light. Silence builds walls, and only open lines of communication can break the social barriers and allow us to have healthy discussions that bring results.

  I am a huge supporter of my local community. I always like to highlight topics dear to my heart and brands that share the same values as mine.  This week I wanted to highlight one such brand.  I am honored to introduce you to HENSA CLOTHING. Their story begins with a goal to create clothing that everyone can feel comfortable in, clothing that is gender-neutral and that makes you feel special wearing it. Their mission is people and freedom to express yourself. The kind of freedom where your clothing should make a statement and not define you, rather you define the clothing. They offer both formal and casual wear, whilst their casual line of clothing Be Bold is the one that I feel very passionate about.

  They do an amazing job in sharing and highlighting stories of those who feel compelled to tell it.  On their website you are able to read amazing personal tales of struggle and distress, but also of boldness and self-love.  They welcome you to share your story and #BEBOLD. A portion of all sales goes to human rights campaigns. 

  I wanted to learn more about this amazing business, so I asked a few questions:

What is the meaning behind the name of Hensa? 

"Hensa is a combination of a few words in different languages. The word “Hen” in Swedish is a gender-neutral pronoun that was introduced in 2010. There is also a Chinese word that means to differentiate that is pronounced as "hensa".

Why Be Bold Campaign?

"We really wanted to create a campaign for the casual line that would empower people to share their stories and to take chances in life! We also wanted to take a chance to highlight the customers that wear the shirt and tell their stories". 

 What can we do as a community to help?

"There’s always the obvious of purchasing our products! That’s definitely the biggest support. But sharing any information about us and collaborating is also super helpful! We love to meet people to share our story and learn about theirs." 

  It would only be fair that I support my peers, local creatives and such a great cause. I love my new necklace and what it stands for.

  In December Hensa clothing started 30 days of Hensa, where you can use code GIVE30 to save 30% on your purchase and in turn give forward. Thirty percent (30%) of sales will go towards charities that promote mowing LGBTQ rights forward, suicide prevention and anti-bullying. I am so very honored to wear and represent Hensa in my community. Please consider doing so yourself. 

  For more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to message me or comment below. Thank you once more for stopping by to read my post, and I hope you will always choose to BE BOLD and help encourage others to do the same.  







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