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  Supporting small businesses is a key for a healthy and prosperous community. It is important to recognize all those entrepreneurs who have vested time, money and energy into creating their unique business whether it functions online, from home, or in a physical establishment. These creative people are all around us and need to be given a shout out whenever possible. People like my husband, my daughter's dance teacher, a friend that makes jewelry and another that knits are just a few in my immediate circle. We need to come together and recognize these individuals and support them. What such small vendors and entrepreneurs do poses, compared to conglomerates, is a personal touch and a sense of belonging. These are contributing members of the community who we regularly encounter and get to know by name. Supporting your local small shops creates long lasting relationship that brings together and uplifts the whole neighborhood.  

  In honor of Small Business Saturday, I wanted to bring one particular business into spotlight. Let's give a round of applause to MN NAF! eco-boutique salon.  Behind its door is an amazing and talented JESSICA SKILAR, stylist and owner. 


 This past Sunday, I had a pleasure of meeting this inspirational woman and a chance to talk about her work passion, the salon and all it means to her. I will elaborate on some of the fun topics we covered a little later. Jessica is such a charismatic, full of energy individual that radiates goodness. Within a few minutes of talking to her, I felt like we knew each other for years. The salon felt airy, bright and welcoming. It is filled with local art that Jessica proudly displays. She partners with local Minnesota businesses whose merchandise or services are featured and/or sold at the salon and at open house events. Small business supporting small businesses equals one fantastic collaboration, and there is a lot of beauty in that.

 The salon's specialty is hair and makeup, but they have recently started introducing aromatherapy and skin care. The one thing that sets them apart from others is that they take pride in natural products they use, where organic isn't just a fad, rather a responsibility. Salon recycles almost everything momentously showing respect for the environment. They compost the hair that has been cut, use reusable hand towels and even bamboo toilet paper.  

I asked Jessica why MN NAF? 

"It's about being a local supporter, a community supporter, a bringer together of people, and an environmental advocate."

What about the name MN NAF!?

" I tell PG folks that I mean Nice and Friendly, but it's actually Nice AF. I don't only mean that as a joke."

  We can all agree that the mission statement and the name makes this place that much intriguing and unique. Whatever your interpretation of AF! might be, you will not be disappointed with an amazing experience Jessica and hear team provide. As far as the choice of natural products they use, Jessica swears by Intelligent Nutrients. Here are few facts about this line of products:

  • 100 % Organic

  • Local to Minnesota

  • Products packaging made of recycled materials

  • It's Food Grade, meaning you can actually eat it

  • Portion of sales is used to save and research of bees at the U of M, pretty amazing

  Brand has been featured in multiple magazines, and have won various awards for their Eco friendly and organic products. 

  Jessica gave a me a killer hair blowout and and a ton of useful information on hair products she used, and their benefits. I must say that for a little while there I was in such a calm and relaxed mood with all of amazing scents, that I might have drifted off and not heard all of the details. Gentle head massage didn't help to keep me focused either. I am sure my lovely stylist didn't notice. 


  One thing I vividly remember is her talking about INTELLIMUNE oil complex and its benefits for your overall health. It is a dietary supplement that can be taken with food or taken on its own. What pleasantly surprised me is the fact that these organic and beneficial ingredients are actually found in all of their Intelligent Nutrients products. Of course I had to have a taste. It is pretty amazing to know that ingredients in these hair care products are eatable. Talk about organic. 

 How about a non-aerosol hair spray that when you shake the bottle, you can actually see organic plant components floating around. Hair spray is plant-powered and designed to moisturize and add light shine while smoothing flyaways without residue, flaking, or buildup.  It is ideal for dry and/or damaged hair.

 Last but not least, I just loved Destress and Express hair and body treatment oil. With a unique combination of peppermint and vanilla scent, all I needed was a pair of pajamas for this experience to be an ultimate bliss. Getting my hair done felt like an ultimate spa experience, without the spa. This highly moisturizing treatment oil nourishes hair, scalp and body while helping relieve mental and physical stress.

See images below for reference:

  I had such an amazing time with Jessica, and I learned a ton. I am looking forward to visiting again and maybe getting a relaxing facial or a hair treatment. If you would like to have a top notch service in one of a kind salons, then this is a place for you. For those of you not currently interested in beauty services, but would like to explore more of what MN NAF! has to offer, then head to their EVENTS page and check out their upcoming workshops. Coming up in November is their Blowout Workshop where you learn how to recreate amazing after salon hair at home. In December, they have an Essential Oils workshop where you get to make and take home an aroma therapy roller. This is the one I am particularly interested in and looking forward to attending since I am an avid fan of essential oils.

 Thank you for stopping by and giving my post a read. I really hope you enjoyed it. Please do not hesitate to send me a message with any questions, or feel free to comment below. 

Cherish and embrace your natural beauty, and believe in ALL of your one-of-a-kind atributes.







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