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Take care of 'YOU'

Take care of 'YOU'

Even the best of us lose it sometimes.

  I start with this precise statement because it’s true.  We all, at one time or another, experience self-doubt, irritability, anger and anxiousness because it's a part of human nature and this thing we call life. I used to feel so bad about it, and I used to hide my emotions because it made me feel less in control and vulnerable. After some major personal lows, I realized it’s not worth it. I was making myself sick, and I was frequently visiting doctors thinking that something was wrong with my health. I was always tired, had headaches and not much will to push forward. It was a scary period of my life. Sharing my story has led me to learn that so many of you were/are in the similar, if not same situation yourselves. Stress of life is unavoidable, but reducing stress whenever possible is a must. Whether the husband forgot to buy groceries, or laundry hasn’t been washed and your favorite shirt is in there, or dinner was not cooked on time and you have hungry mob on your case; these small daily stresses affect our wellbeing more than we can imagine.

  I am not a medical doctor, or a doctor of natural medicine to give professional advice. I am, however, a girl who had her share of ups and downs. The one who one day decided enough is enough and decided to self-help. I called it RENEWAL.  Just kidding! This renew sign hangs in my bathroom, and that's where inspiration came from. I agree that some things should be left in the toalet, but I thought it was good to start with humor. 


  Make time for friends and family. I am not talking about that one aunt who drains every molecule of your positive energy with her glass half empty approach to life. Surround yourself with people who radiate calm and positive vibes. Coffee with a friend can mend a broken heart. Share your stories, good or bad, share your experiences. It will often surprise you how much people can relate. Responsibilities of life will be there when you come back home waiting, trust me. Two hours away from the house and your chores will not be the end of the world. Have a good laugh, have a nice dinner, have a drink for all I care. Give yourself the gift of friendship. No man or a woman is an island, so accept the offer and go hang out. It will do you good.


  This is how I started it all.  I bought and decorated my living space with items that made me happy. I purchased  a mini figurine of Buddha for a living room, small elephant for the bedroom, and a new pair of warm slippers. For you personally, it might be a fuzzy blanket, inspirational pillow, scented candles or a new painting. You spend so much time in your living space, it needs to feel cozy, comfortable and inviting. Reduce clutter and clean out your closet. Rid yourself of things you no longer need. Shirt that has not been worn in the last 5 years, will probably continue to collect dust for another 5 years to come. Have one room in your house designated as you calm space, your escape from everyday commotion.

I bought mine at Home Goods while back, but you can find them on  Amazon  in any size.

I bought mine at Home Goods while back, but you can find them on Amazon in any size.

  Last year, few of my close friends suggested I buy Himalayan Salt Lamp. I honestly did not know much about it, so before I went out and spent money, I did my research. Himalayan Salt Lamp is said to have many health benefits due to negative ions it emits. Here are some of the benefits that come along with owning one:

  1. It improves mood and concentration

  2. Reduces alergens

  3. Increases relaxation and calmness, which translates to less stress

  4. Increases energy levels

  5. Improves sleep

  6. Helps with headaches and migraines

  If none of these benefit claims are true,  at least the lamp is so pretty to look at. They often come in orangish and pinkish color, that glow softly when you turn the lamp on. It has such a calming feel to it. I suppose romantic one as well if you move it to the bedroom. (wink, wink).  You can really put it in any room in your house, even your office. Pick a room where you mostly spend your time in. Lamps come in many shapes and sizes, but when doing research I found that darker the color and heavier the lamp, the better. They are inexpensive, and can be bought almost anywhere.

I bought mine at Home Goods while back, but here is an example of one from  Amazon

I bought mine at Home Goods while back, but here is an example of one from Amazon

  Another problem I had was sleep. I never seemed to get enough of it. I went to bed very late with my mind racing in million directions. I was consumed with thoughts of things to do, places to be, assignments to accomplish, and occasional freak out from the noises coming down from the basement.  All this while my husband was sleeping soundly next to me, completely unaware of the madness that was happening around me. I used to be so jealous of him. His ability to fall asleep so quickly and then have audacity to snore ( I know, a bit dramatic with the whole audacity). Whatever, you get my drift. A lovely gentleman at a health store suggested I buy Melatonin pills. It was by far my very best decision. I tried many different brands, but have finally found the one that worked well. It worked so well that within half an hour, I would be the one drooling on the pillow. I shared my bounty with few of my friends, and after trying it, they had nothing but great things to say about it. I get my supply on Amazon, but it is sold at many health stores and last time I checked also at Whole Foods.


  I also started doing yoga.  I really don't know what I am doing most of the time, but I stretch, get my blood flowing and feel better about my day overall. I do not go to the gym or Yoga specific places, I just unroll my inexpensive mat and follow easy videos on You Tube. If you do not have a mat, use a thin blanket. In the summer, you can go to a secluded park or nature center and have some 'me' yoga time there as well. The views and the sounds will help you relax. Just take a seat on the grass and surround yourself with nature.


    Have a cup of tea. Don't drink coffee after 3 pm and become best friends with honey and lemon. These two foods have amazing health benefits. Among many other beneficial components,  honey is rich in antiseptic and antioxidant properties, and a good source of energy and nutrients. Lemon on the other hand is good for your hair and skin, helps with colds, indigestion and overall improves your immune system. I love to have a cup of tea before bedtime, it soothes me and relaxes me for a good night. I try to always buy organic raw tea since it's less processed, therefore better for you.


  I also became a very big fan of essential oils. You can literally buy them anywhere. They come in plethora of varieties for almost any need. I buy myself a rollerball essential oil for relaxation. I keep one in my purse and at home. You can buy specific ones and pour them in your bath. You can even buy a diffuser and have it spray continuous mist of your choice throughout the home or office space.  During cold and flu time, I use an essential oil for congestion and sinus pressure. It can be added to Neti Pot, or you can steam over it by pouring it in hot water. Possibilities are endless. I usually get mine in a Health Store, but you can buy them at places Like Marshalls and Tj Maxx very innexpensively. 


  Now, I do realize that it takes a lot of work, dedication and at times even professional and medical help to find balance and feel better. This post is by no means an expert advice, but a friendly suggestion. Feeling better doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, persistence and support of those around you. I still work on it one day at the time.

 I hope that my post is of some help to you. If it's not the tips I suggested,  then at least you feel better because of the common experience we share. It sometimes helps to know you are not alone.

  Be well and stay well my friends.





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