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Boots and coats

Style ideas for 2017/18 Fall/Winter season

  Fall is here, and in full swing. Leaves are falling, temperature is dropping and given Minnesota's weather ability to surprise us, I wouldn't be shocked if we see some snow flurries by Halloween. On Tuesday, I had a chance to appear on Twin Cities Live and model some fabulous fall and winter styles. All the Privileged models, including myself, were styled by a talented and amazing fashion consultant Sara Rogers. I met Sara last year working together on another live show and I immediately fell in love. She is a gem and a pleasure to work with.

Sara and I backstage at TCL:


 The theme of the segment was boots and coats, and the pieces were definitely worth a mention. All the stylish pieces were provided by various retailers at the amazing Mall of America. Here is the video from Tuesday's segment for you to enjoy.

Here are few pictures of the amazing pieces I wore. Click on the item description next to an image for more information.


Mona Williams Sweater

  Some of these pieces, even though beautiful, might have a high price ticket, but don’t be discouraged. The purpose of this post is to give you tips and advice on current trends, and to show you examples of what to wear and how, no matter what age. As you know, I blog about affordable fashion and beauty, therefore smart shopping is my motto. If you like pieces I was wearing, but are money conscious, here are few retailers that will be gentle on your wallet. Look for deals at TJMaxx , Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack. There are big box stores, such as Target that offer beautiful pieces for a fraction of the price. Below are few suggestions:





  If it's the name brands that you want though, here are my examples of money saving replacements. Obviously there are so many options out there, but remember 'style' doesn't have to be something that costs a lot of money, it's how creative and resourceful you get with the budget you have. See examples below:


Cropped Jeans

Camel Coat 

Leopard Booties

  If you are interested in items that other models were wearing in the video, here is the list of the stores and their prices:


Coat, Mona Williams  $995.00
Top, Macy's  $79.00
Bottom, Macy's  $178.00
Shoes, Doc Martens $159.95
Bag, Banana Republic $128.00
Earrings, Macy's  $19.50                                              


Coat, Macy's   $159.50
Top, Macy's  $54.50
Bottom, Macy's  $78.00
Shoes, LL Bean   $189.00
Bag, Macy's  $268.00
Hat, Anthropologie   $48.00                                             


Coat, Anthropologie  $228.00
Top, Banana Republic   $148.00
Bottom, Macy's  $79.00
Shoes, Aldo  $120.00
Bag, Macy's   $178.00/$395.00
Earrings, Banana Republic  $18.00
Hat, Forever 21/Anthropologie $14.90/$58.00

  I hope you enjoyed my post. For any questions, please do not hesitate to message me or comment below. You can also find me on Instagram. Happy Shopping everyone!



Arc's Value Village

Arc's Value Village

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