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Let's "Brush-up" on affordable makeup brushes

If you have no time for research, limited budget, and you are not sure which way to turn when choosing makeup brushes, then this post is for you. 

  Makeup Brushes – They come in every size, shape and color. They also come with fairly different price tags. Cost can range anywhere between $5 to $500 for a set. With so many options to choose from and gaps in price, where does one begin?  This post is by no means an extensive research of all brands, types and price points, but a narrower view of two specific  brands of brushes that fit a limited budget, but don’t fail in quality.



  For this little project of mine, I recruited my dear friend and a professional make-up artist Amela Bego at Amela Bego Makeup Artistry. She will bring to the table a different point of view since her needs and requirements for makeup brushes are not just for personal, but also a professional use. On the other hand, my input is entirely of personal nature based on tried-and-true foundation. We narrowed down our choices and selected one brand each we found would be a great fit based on availability, price, effectiveness and an overall customer satisfaction.

 Before we reveal our choices, I wanted to give you a small piece of advice.  After doing some price comparisons and considering a limited budget, we both recommend buying a brush set versus buying individual brushes one at a time. Not only will this save you time of making multiple shopping trips, it will also save you money.  In most cases, makeup brush sets are priced cheaper than if you were buying the pieces one at a time. 

 What to look for in a set? The set you purchase should have a good variety of both face and eye brushes. Here are few examples of what to look for:

·         Concealer brush

·         Foundation brush

·         Blush brush

·         Powder brush (ex: mineral foundation)

·         Eye Contouring brush (ex: blending inside the crease and corners of the eye)

·         Eye Shadow brush

·         Angled brush (ex: for creating more precise lines)

·         Possibly an eyebrow brush

My choice is EcoTools brushes and here is why:

  All the brushes I tried and used came from either a drug store or a big box store. EcoTools is not an exception. I used these brushes for over 10 years and when compared to other brushes in the same category, I just preferred them always. They are inexpensive and available at multiple retailers (items are often on sale or have coupons). Brushes have soft bristles and are made cruelty free; from recycled materials and they are also vegan. The handles on the brushes are made from renewable bamboo and the packaging itself is 100% Tree Free. They last a long time, if taken care of properly. On top of it all, user reviews alone are huge selling point for me personally. Brushes can be bought individually or in a set. They also have fun travel size sets for those of you who might be natural born jet-setters. My two starter kit suggestions are below. You can click on the images below to get more information, or stop by almost any mass merchandiser to check them out in person.



Amela’s choice is Morphe brushes and here she explains why:

  "Being a makeup artist in the industry for 6 years now, I have been able to work with different types of brushes on regular basis. However, I personally feel like the Morphe brushes are incredible for the price point. They are durable, and great for diverse makeup application. They have kits that make your life so much easier. These brushes can honestly work for anybody, someone who is just starting out in makeup, or a professional. Creating art with makeup and brushes does not necessarily mean, the more expensive a brush the better. It's all about application, proper technique, and how you take care of your brushes.

 Don't get me wrong, I love my Mac brushes and the Chanel ones as well, they are absolutely incredible. But believe me, Morphe brushes are just as good, and at the price point that doesn't hurt your wallet.  I personally use drugstore makeup brushes in my kit also. They work just as well. I totally agree with Minja, I love the brushes she uses.

 When you are doing a bridal party, and you have 35 minutes to finish your first girl and then you have to move onto a next one, you want to make sure that you have extra brushes. This is why I pick Morphe, because I can afford to have the extras. I can have a bigger selection of makeup tools, and not feel overwhelmed with the price. Their website is very thorough and easy to navigate, which makes it easier to get a good starting point." 

Amela's suggestions are below, simply click one the images and the link will take you directly to Morphe website.


15 Piece Deluxe Badger Set

15 Piece Deluxe Badger Set

10 Piece Deluxe Eye and Face Set

10 Piece Deluxe Eye and Face Set

24/7 Beauty Collection

24/7 Beauty Collection

   Now that you had a chance to look at the few options, please remember that for longevity of your makeup brushes, regular cleaning is of essence.  You can either use warm water and soap, or you can buy brush cleaner. Amela suggests Cinema Secrets, available at Sephora and other online retailers. You can either wash the entire brush with it, or if in a rush, use the solution and wipe the brushes onto a paper towel.

  If you prefer beauty blender versus foundation brush, or simply don't like uneven finish that brush can sometimes make, Amela suggests buying a real Beauty Blender. She advises you not to buy just any applicator, since the sponge like blender will pick up more of your product than you want to, and that would obviously be a waste.  Look for a non-latex foam like applicator. It will change your world, especially now with winter coming, she states.

  I hope you have enjoyed my post. Feel free to leave a message or a comment below. You can also find us both on Instagram by simply clicking on the pictures below.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to bringing you more fun topics and useful advice.



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